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bESTRON DDF35Z Desk Fan Instruction Manual




If the appliance is defective, do not try to repair it yourself. Always have a qualified mechanic carry out any repairs.


  • This appliance may be used by children over the age of 8 years old and persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities or lack of experience and know-how, but only if supervised or if they have been instructed on how to use the appliance safely and are aware of its potential dangers.
  • Children are not allowed to clean and maintain the appliance, except if they are over the age of 8 years old and supervised.
  • Keep the appliance and the cable out of reach of children under the age of 8 years old.
  • Keep an eye on children to ensure that they do not play with the appliance.


  •  Check that the mains voltage corresponds with that shown on the rating plate of an electrical appliance before you use it.
  •  Check that the socket to which you connect the electrical appliance is earthed.
  • Always install electrical appliances on a stable and level surface where it cannot fall over.
  • Certain parts of an electrical appliance may become warm or sometimes hot. Do not touch them as you may burn yourself.
  • Make sure your hands are dry when you touch an electrical appliance, a cord or a plug.
  • Electrical appliances must be able to lose their heat to avoid fire hazards. Therefore, make sure that the appliance has sufficient clearance around it and that it does not come into contact with flammable materials. Electrical appliances must never be covered.
  • Make sure that electrical appliances, cords or plugs do not come into contact with water. Never immerse electrical appliances, cords or plugs in water or any other liquid.
  • Do not touch electrical appliances if they have fallen in the
    water. Immediately pull the plug out of the socket. Stop using the appliance.
  • Make sure that electrical appliances, cords and plugs do not come into contact with heat sources, such as a hot hob or open fire.
  • Never let cords hang over the edge of the sink, a worktop or a table.
  • Always remove plug from the socket when you are not using the electrical appliance.
  • Remove the plug from the socket by pulling the plug itself and not the cord.
  • Regularly check if the cord of the electrical appliance is not damaged. Do not use the electrical appliance if the cord shows signs of damage. If the cord is damaged, it should be replaced by the manufacturer, a technical service provider or a person with an equivalent qualification, to avoid any danger.
  • The appliance may not be switched on with the aid of an external time switch, or by a separate system with remote control.


  • Be careful when using the appliance outdoors.
  • Never use the appliance in damp or wet locations.
  • Thoroughly clean the appliance after use (see Cleaning and Maintenance).
  • Never use the appliance near an open window; rain coming through the window could come into contact with the appliance and cause a short circuit.
  • Put the fan on a horizontal and clean floor. Make sure that the appliance is unobstructed.
  • Make sure that objects cannot contact the fan blades.
  • Do not cover the appliance whilst it is in use.


  • Dispose of packaging material such as plastic and cardboard boxes in the designated containers.
  • Do not dispose of this product as normal domestic waste
    at the end of its life, but hand it in at a collection point for the reuse of electric and electronic equipment. Look for the symbol on the product, the user instructions or the packaging showing the type of waste.
  • The materials can be used as indicated. By helping us reuse and process the materials or otherwise recycle the old equipment, you will be making an important contribution towards the protection of the environment.
  • Your municipality can tell you where to find the designated waste collection point in your neighbourhood.


The appliance is intended only for domestic use, not for professional use.bESTRON-DDF35Z-Desk-Fan-1

  1.  Fan blades
  2.  Fan housing
  3.  Motor housing
  4.  Oscillation button
  5.  Stop button
  6.  Speed buttons
  7.  Power cord and plug
  8.  Base
  9.  Baseplate

Assembling the fan

  1.  Attach the base to the base plate, using the click system.
  2.  Unscrew the locking ring (see figure 2A) from the shaft.
  3.  Fit the rear of the fan housing (2B) onto the motor-housing (2C), making sure that the openings are aligned precisely with the lugs on the motor housing and that the grip is at the top.
  4.  Slide the locking ring (2A) onto the shaft, and screw it tight (clockwise).
  5.  Slide the fan blades (2D) onto the shaft and place the fixing knob (2E) on the shaft.
  6.  The rim (2F) has clamps. Carefully fit the rim around the rear half of the fan housing, making sure that the housing falls into the upper clamp of the rim, so that you can connect the two halfs of the fan housing with the nut and bolt (2G). Use a crosshead screwdriver.
  7.  Close the other clamps.bESTRON-DDF35Z-Desk-Fan-2


  1.  Set the fan on a level surface, such as a table.
  2.  Tilt the fan to the required angle (see figure 3). You can set the fan:
    • a. to blow horizontally (position a) or angled slightly downwards (position b). Tilt the ventilator housing and motor housing to the required angle.
    • b. to oscillate from left to right (with a sweep of 90 °). This will ventilate much of the room. Press the oscillation button on the motor housing fully in.
    • c. remain in the same position whilst the fan is turning. This will ventilate one area. Pull out the oscillation button until you hear it click.
  3.  Put the plug into the wall socket.
  4.  Switch on the fan by pressing one of the three speed buttons.
    • a. Position ‘1’, the fan operates at low speed.
      b. Position ‘2’, the fan operates at normal speed.
      c. Position ‘3’, the fan operates at high speed.
  5.  Stop the fan by pressing the stop button (position ‘0’).


Over the course of time dust can accumulate between the spokes in the fan housing, and on the fan blades. Always begin by trying to remove the dust with a brush and/or vacuum cleaner. If this does not remove all the dust you can always dismantle the fan and clean it.

  1.  Remove the plug from the wall socket.
  2.  Loosen the bolt in the rim around the fan housing using a small crosshead screwdriver.
  3.  Remove the rim and the front half of the filter housing.
  4.  Hold the fan blades to stop them from turning, and unscrew the spinner by turning clockwise in the direction of the ‘LOOSEN’ arrow. Remove the fan blades from the motor housing.
  5.  Remove the rear half of the fan housing by turning the locking ring at the centre of the housing anticlockwise. Remove the ring and the housing from the motor housing.
  6.  Clean the dismantled parts and the base with a damp cloth. Dry thoroughly with a dry cloth.
  7.  Clean the motor housing with a dry cloth.


  • Verify that the appliance is not connected to the power supply before you clean it.
  • Never use corrosive or scouring cleaning agents or sharp objects (such as knives or hard brushes) to clean the appliance.


Bestron offers a 60-month warranty on this equipment against defects resulting from manufacturing and/or material errors, subject to the following conditions.

  1.  No labour or material costs will be charged during this warranty period.
  2.  Any repairs carried out under the warranty will not extend the warranty period.
  3.  Faulty parts, or in the event of exchange, the faulty equipment itself, will automatically become the pro-perty of Bestron.
  4.  The warranty is valid for the first buyer only and is non-transferable.
  5.  The warranty is not valid for damage caused by:
    • Accidents
    • Improper use
    • Wear and tear
    • Neglect
    • Faulty installation
    • Connection to a different mains voltage than indicated on the type plate
    • Unauthorised changes
    • Repairs carried out by unqualified third parties
    • Use in violation with the applicable statutory, technical or safety standards
    • Careless transport without suitable packaging or other protection
  6.  Warranty cannot be claimed:
    • For damage during transport
    • If the serial number of the appliance is removed or changed
  7.  Items excluded from warranty are:
    • Cords
    • Lamps
    • Glass parts
  8.  The warranty does not entitle the purchaser to compensation for any damage other than replacement or repair of the faulty parts. Bestron cannot in any event be held liable for any indirect or consequential losses caused by or in relation to the equipment it has provided.
  9.  Claims under a warranty may only be submitted to your (online) retailer or directly to the Bestron Ser-vice Department. Never send items without being asked to. We may refuse the parcel and you will be liable for the costs. Contact us first and we tell you how the appliance should be packaged and sent. Each claim under a warranty must be accompanied by the relevant receipt.

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