Anderic RRTX012 Harbor Breeze Remote Control Instruction Manual - Manualsee

Anderic RRTX012 Harbor Breeze Remote Control Instruction Manual

Anderic RRTX012 Harbor Breeze Remote Control


The included wall bracket can be installed to house the remote control. Remove the small plate preassembled on the wall bracket and use the screws provided to secure the wall bracket at desired mounting location. Replace the small plate.


The receiver should already be installed from the factory. Receiver assembly is not needed.

  1. Installing the Battery Remove the battery cover from the back of the remote. Insert an “A23 12V” battery (not included); ensuring the polarity matches with diagram indicated in the battery compartment. Replace battery cover.
  2. Learning/Pairing the remote control (see Figure 1) The dip switch in the remote control has been set to “0” to match the receiver in the fan. If there is more than one fan that uses this same remote control, changing dip switch setting may be needed.
    To change the dip switch setting, slide the switch inside the battery compartment to “1”, turn off power to the fan, then turn on the power. Within 30 seconds of restoring power, tap the “learn” key located inside battery compartment. If learning is successful, the fan light will blink three times and turn on. Note: The fan will run at the highest speed in corresponding direction per seasonal slide switch.


  1. Season slide switch (see Figure 2)

    ● Slide the switch depending on the direction you wish the air to flow. Note: Wait for the fan to stop before reversing switch.
    ● In warmer weather, counterclockwise rotation creates a downward air flow, which cools the air. Slide switch to the left indicated by the SUN icon.
    ● In cooler weather, clockwise rotation creates an upward air flow, which moves hot air from the ceiling into the room. Slide the switch right indicated by the SNOWFLAKE icon.
  2. Fan speeds: 6 speeds and natural breeze
    ● Tap “1”, “2”, “3”, “4”, “5” or “6” key to switch fan to corresponding speed, “1” being the lowest and “6” being the highest.
    ● Tap ” ” key to enter Natural breeze mode. Natural breeze mode will simulate a natural breeze, like being outside. Fan blades will turn at different speeds randomly.
    ● To exit Natural breeze mode, tap ” ” function/speed.
  3. Fan On/Off (see Figure 2)
    ● Fan On/Off controls power to the fan.
    ● Tapping the “ ” key cycles fan On/Off. The fan will continue with previously set setting when turning on.
  4. Light On/Off/Dimming (see Figure 2)
    ● Tap ” Light-icon.png ” key to turn light on/off; press and hold for dimming.
  5. Walk away light delay (see Figure 2)
    ● Using this button automatically turns off the light 1 minute after button is pressed.
    ● Tap ” ” once, light on ceiling fan blinks once to confirm walk-away-light-delay is active, the light and fan will turn off after 1 minute.
    ● During walk-away-light-delay mode, press any other key to cancel function.
  6. Home shield (see Figure 2)
    ● Using this button will randomly turn lights on and off to give the illusion that someone is at home.
    ● Tap ” “, light on ceiling fan blinks two times to confirm home shield is active. Fan is off and will cycle through A and B modes as described below:
    ● A mode: Light randomly turns on for 5-20 minutes.
    ● B mode: Light is off for 60 minutes.
    ● During home shield mode, press any other key to cancel function.
  7. Sleep timer (see Figure 2)
    ● Using these buttons will turn the fan off automatically after a 2-hour, 4-hour, 8-hour duration.
    ● Turn the fan on at the desired speed.
    ● Tap “2H”, “4H”, or “8H” key. The fan will turn off automatically after desired time has expired.
    ● During Sleep timer mode, tap ” ” key to exit Sleep timer mode. Tap ” ” or ” ” to also exit Sleep timer and shift to relative key function.
  8. Power off memory (see Figure 2)
    ● Using this button resumes the settings used on the fan prior to the power being turned off.
    ● If the fan was in sleep timer mode before the power is turned off, fan will be off when power is turned back on.
    ● If the fan is in walk-away-light-delay mode before power is turned Off, both the fan and light will be off when power is turned back on.

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Customer service regarding the RRTX012 remote control: Phone: 1-855-263-3742
Customer service regarding your fan: Please contact the fan’s manufacturer or the store the fan was purchased from.

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