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onn Roku TV User Guide

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onn Roku TV User Guide

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What’s in the Box?
Check to make sure you have everything below.onn Roku TV -

What you need:onn Roku TV -What you need


Installing the Stands

Do not install the stands if you want to wall mount your TV. See your wall mount instructions or chat live at www.onntvsupport.com.
You will need: Phillips screwdriver (not included)

  1. Place the TV screen-down on a clean, flat, soft surface (e.g.: blanket) to prevent scratches or damage to the screen.
  2. Use a Phillips screwdriver to attach each strand with the provided screws.
  3.  Place the TV upright on a stable, level surface.onn Roku TV -Installing the Stands

Grab your remote

Power your TV remote by inserting the included batteries carefully matching (+) and (-) indicated inside the battery compartment.onn Roku TV -Grab your remote

A Power
B Back
C Directional keypad
D Channel recall
E Rewind
F Sleep
G Home
H Volume
I View more options
J Fast forward
K Play/Pause

Visit go.roku.com/tvmanual for the complete Roku User Guide.

Connecting Devices

Best Quality

onn Roku TV -Best Quality
connect a Blu-ray, DVD player, gaming console or other devices

Better Quality

onn Roku TV -Better Quality

Digital Optical connect an external digital audio system

Good Qualityonn Roku TV -Good Quality

Component connect an external AV device

Coaxial connect to antenna/cableonn Roku TV -Coaxial

Connecting Devices (continued)
Wired connection to the internetpng

Headphone connect headphones or external speakersHeadphone
connect for photos, music, movies, and moreUSB
Connecting to Power
After connecting all your devices, connect the power cord to a power outlet. The TV enters standby mode and its indicator light turns red.
Setup & Activation

Tip: Have your wireless network name and password handy.
Follow the on-screen instructions on your onn.TM · Roku TV. If you aren’t ready to connect your TV to a wireless network, you can still use it as a regular TV.
Activate your onn.TM · Roku TV using your computer, smartphone, or tablet to link to a Roku account. You need a Roku account to activate your onn.TM · Roku TV and access entertainment across thousands of streaming channels.
Note: Roku doesn’t charge for activation support – beware of scams.Your Entertainment, Your Way

Your Entertainment, Your Way

With your Roku TV, you can now stream a massive selection of free, live, and premium TV. Stay on top of what’s trending with the hottest shows, events, and live news. Even customize your home screen with your favorite channels for lightning-quick access. Welcome to a new world of streaming.*
*Content resolution is based on TV compatibility and may vary by channel. Channels are subject to change, vary by region, and may require payment.

Register your product to activate your two-year warranty*QR CODE
Scan the QR code with your smartphone camera and follow the on-screen instructions or visit onntvsupport.com.
* 1-year manufacturer warranty with the purchase or 2-year warranty with product registration within 90 days of purchase.

Customer Support & Warranty

Online Chat: www.onntvsupport.com
Email: [email protected]
call or text* Customer Support at
9 am ­ 9 pm EST daily
Visit go.roku.com/tvmanual for the complete Roku User Guide.
We recommend keeping your TV box for the duration of your warranty. See your product warranty for details.
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Will this work as a computer monitor?

quite well.

Does this have a coax cable connection?

Yes it has a coaxial cable plug and 2 hdmi plugs

Is it compatible with a DVD player?


can you watch prime video on this tv?


Can I watch live TV on my Roku?

Yes. You can watch live TV on your Roku by connecting an HD antenna to the coaxial port. See your antenna manufacturer’s instructions for more information.

What brand is Onn Roku TV?

It is Durabrand, Walmart’s private label tradename, who manufactures Onn brand’s products but all warranty repairs are handled by Element Electronics Company. Durabrand also handles the other consumer electronics of the company.

Is Onn TV a Smart TV?

Is onn TV a Smart TV? Most onn TVs are smart TVs but check its product listing or box.

Is Onn a good brand?

If you want to save a lot of money on your flat-screen TV, Onn is probably a great option. Their picture quality is excellent for the budget price range but average overall. They often have a lot of features, but they lack the higher-end features that you’ll find on brands like Samsung, Vizio, and LG.

Is onn and TCL the same?

TCL does not make Onn TVs. Instead, it is a Walmart-only TV brand made by Walmart’s private label trade name known as Durabrand. Therefore, Onn’s parent company is Walmart. Furthermore, Walmart is the exclusive retailer than sells Onn TVs.

Does onn Roku TV have a camera?

Yes it does have a camera.

Why are Walmart TVs so cheap?

“Walmart’s HDTVs are at ‘low’ prices because they are the lower-quality versions than those sold elsewhere,” Lori McDaniel, senior content manager at Offers.com, explained to GoBankingRates. “[You can] get higher-quality at low prices at a warehouse store like Costco.”

Who makes Onn TVs for Walmart?

Durabrand, a private label tradename for Walmart, is the primary manufacturer of ONN TV while Element Electronics Company handles all warranty repairs. Since the television model is a generic brand of Walmart, you can only find it in major Walmart stores.

Does the Onn Roku TV have 4K?

Onn 50-inch 4K Roku Smart TV verdict. For the price, the Onn 50-inch 4K Roku Smart TV from Walmart is a worthy purchase if you’re looking for a no-frills set with access to Roku’s channels. It’s among the most affordable ways to upgrade to a smart TV, plus its slim design certainly has some allure.

Which Roku TV is better TCL or Hisense?

The Hisense H8C is a better TV than the TCL US5800. It has deeper blacks, higher peak brightness, better reflection handling, better motion handling, HDR compatibility, and slightly better built-in speakers.

Is an onn Roku TV better than TCL Roku TV?

Onn TVs deliver equally decent sound quality to match their picture quality properties. However, although these TVs have a reasonably well-balanced sound, they can’t get very loud and often offer disappointing audio quality at maximum volume levels. By comparison, TCL TVs offer better sound quality than Onn models.

Is Roku or Vizio better?

Roku TV also has a better selection of apps. The Vizio M Series has slightly better build quality, slightly better audio quality and slightly better peak UHD output. Both series are more or less the same when it comes to viewing angles, contrast output and handling reflections.

Is there a monthly fee for Roku?

There are no monthly fees for watching free channels or for using a Roku device. You only have to pay for subscription channels like Netflix, cable-replacement services like Sling TV, or movie and TV show rentals from services like Apple TV.

Can you watch normal TV on a Roku TV?

If you have a Roku TV, all you need to do is connect an HDTV antenna to the TV and follow some on-screen steps to scan for local networks. After that, you can watch them just like you would any other channel. Such channels can include news, sports, weather and primetime TV, and the best part is that they’re free.

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